Maria Lannér

About Maria


  • Has studied in Seattle, London, and in Kenya at Long Island University Global which is one of the world´s leading global university programmes for Experiential Learning.
  • Travels to East Africa as often as possible, has lived on the island Lamu in Kenya and considers it to be a second home.
  • In addition to Coastal Skipper Certificate of Competence, Deck Officer Class 8 Examination and Maneuvering certificate for Speedboats, internationally certified in Neuro Leadership – NLP Business Master Practitioner, INLPTA – International NLP Trainers Association
  • Owns a Yamarin Steering console, which is also one of Neptunia’s course boats.
  • Board Member of AMREF – Flying Doctors of Africa (AMREF Nordic Office)
  • Has a long past in strategic communication and PR of private equity investments in several countries in Africa.

With Grand Dad in early 70s.

Neptunia erbjuder kurser som kombinerar personlig utveckling med manövrering av motorbåtar.

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