Individual coaching in your own boat

Would you like practice your skills in Your own Boat? Then Neptunia can become your own individual boat coach!

Based on coachning according to NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming we practice on what you feel you need most. And according to the Neptunia model, practice is combined with making you aware of your thinking patterns, your state of mind and behaviour in different changable situations.

Once you have placed and paid your order you have a whole year to book a time and date for the coaching. We can also send you a nice Gift Card if you want to give the coaching as a Present.

The price is for 4 hours/boat. For additional hours 995 SEK. Excluding travel costs outside Stockholm.

5200 krLägg i varukorg

Examples of course content

Personal Development:

  • Courage and motivation
  • Improve your life quality by understanding and changing your state of mind
  • How to control your mind-set and thinking patterns
  • Mental training – find calm in the storm
  • Identify and develop the resources you need, your own potential and self-esteem


  • Reading the Chart: Set courses, plan excursions and picnics
  • Yielding rules
  • Swedish marine charts, definitions and abbreviations
  • Beacons in Swedish waters
  • Compass and nautical facilities
  • Safety / Liability
  • Environment
  • Wind and weather


  • Maneuvering in harbours and narrow passages, The Karlberg Canal, Pålsundet and Mälaren
  • Docking with buoy, between slipways, moor along bridge and pier
  • Refuelling at the nearest gas station for boats
  • Evasive maneuvre and give-way
  • Waves and surges
  • Reverse in narrow passages
  • Knots

Neptunia erbjuder kurser som kombinerar personlig utveckling med manövrering av motorbåtar.

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