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Being an active boat driver provides so much freedom & joy – which is achieved by being in your best possible state of mind! And being able to manage your own and your crew´s state of mind is also a crucial security aspect that may decide weather or not one will be able to deal with less favourable situations – no matter how much previous knowledge and experience you may have. Neptunia’s lectures focuses on aspects affecting the state of mind & how to train mental focus in a boating environment.

These are a few topics that Neptunia likes to talk about:

  • Security and state of mind at sea
  • The sea makes one tired and hungry – how come?
  • The brain’s learning process – to challenge the autopilot at sea, in the office, at the kitchen table
  • Giving and receiving feedback in the boat
  • Myths and Truths about boating
  • To manage your and other people’s state of mind and mental focus in challenging situations
  • Emotional Memories – good ones, bad ones
  • Limiting belief systems – and how to get rid of them
  • The art of coaching yourself
  • That Restaurant jetty
  • Reality and how we interpret the world based on our values
  • Metaphors, symbols, and boating
  • How to maintain a mental hygiene at sea – what does the brain need to stay fit?

Price: Call Maria at phone +46 (0) 708666961 or send an email maria@neptunia.se for a quotation.

The Neptunia-model

NLP – stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Photo: Stina Jansson

State of mind and Mindfulnes at Sea. Photo: Stina Jansson

Neptunia erbjuder kurser som kombinerar personlig utveckling med manövrering av motorbåtar.

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