“Maria you were so calm all the time, no stress, it really was impressive. In boating you should never feel stressed, I have learned!”

– Dr Alban


“Good mental preparation and well-designed practice. I learned to focus and prepare for a maneuver instead of worrying about what others will think when they see me, and I learned not to give up after three attempts. Maria is patient, encouraging and competent.”

– Malcolm

“Amazingly good coaching in my own boat, clear, concise, inspiring and motivating. Made me think I can! The coaching kept at a perfect pace and Maria felt very responsive and understanding what I needed. I can only say one thing – I want to do it again – the sooner, the better. More well-invested money to get comfortable with your boat cannot be found. Looking forward to next time!”

– Mari Jungstedt

“The coaching gets 5 points out of 5. I have received confirmation that my own way works, which has given me better confidence and I dare much more, which means that I will now take command at sea. Maria is a very good coach that listens and adjust to different situations. The course was tailored to suit me and I highly recommend it.”

– Anna

“Maria has a high competence to coach in mental training, the theoretical and the technical elements that must harmonize so well in order for me to enjoy boat life. Clever to transform knowledge into metaphors and affirmations. It creates sustainable knowledge going forward.”

– Anna-Karin


“A good and competent coach. Very good!”

– Shahla

“The course in its entirety was absolutely perfect! I learned not to be so afraid of failure and dare to be calm and start over. Many pieces fell into place and I felt for the first time, that I have my own knowledge! Good with the introductory behavior and powerful learning methodology! – Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality that should be experienced. (Sören Kirkegaard). Maria is a confident boat driver and capable of listening and sharing her knowledge. I have already told many about the course and recommended it to colleagues by boat, who experience the distribution of roles in the same way as I do.”

– Christina

“I thought it was a great course with very good and relevant information. The course taught me how to set intermediate goals and final goals – something that I can use in my working life and that boating is completely different from driving a car. If you take this course you will have a fun, entertaining day where you will also learn the basics of boating.”

– Lasse


“Educational, both for beginners and more experienced who want to update themselves with an experienced and calm coach.”

– Bertil

“I am very pleased with the course – met my expectations entirely. I like the balance between the practical and the focus on the “brain ghosts”. What I learned most was to dare and want to drive myself and how my actions affect people around me, not to build up emotional feelings and find strength in what goes well. A perfect investment for those who want to learn the basics of running a boat, to want and be able to continue training in their own boat. Also perfect gift to give to friends who have a boat where he / she does not run.”

– Ulrika

“Den här kursen är perfekt för nybörjare och för personer som vill fortsätta träna på att bli bättre. Mycket praktisk, skräddarsydd efter dina behov, och den är Kul också!”

– Johnny


“The course kept a perfect pace that was adapted to me. Feels like I learned a lot in a relatively short time. Think about it afterwards and feel a certainty in what I have now learned, and that I can actually share what we learned.”

– Patrik

“Det var en fantastisk dag och alla var jättenöjda. Det verkar dessutom ha varit en av årets mest båt-täta dagar eftersom det var söndag och soligt väder. Det blev mycket träning på att hålla koll på hur man kör, men också hålla koll på alla andra båtar.”

– Maryam Kabiri, boendecoach på Aleris Omsorg AB.

“The course has strengthened me in daring to take control / command of both boat and emotions – maybe especially the latter. This has made me more free in what I use the boat for both myself and with others. Also funny is that my husband experiences a huge difference even when we are two adults in the boat; that I am calmer, cooler and more in charge which of course also facilitates for him.”

– Anna

”The course contains all you need to know to handle a boat in different situations. You are allowed time to keep trying until you master the situation. Maria is a person that brings calm and comfort. When the course was over and I came ashore I was filled with self-confidence. Maria is clear when she instructs, explains in an easy and simple way and with an approach that made me feel safe and inclusive. Maria radiates calm and competence and she gave me positive energy and a belief that this is something I can accomplish. Thank you Maria!”

– Ann

”Very good course, gives you the confidence to drive a motorboat, a confidence I totally lacked earlier, and very calm and comforting coach that really let us practice without interfering to much!”.

– Helena


“I gave a Gift Card on a Neptunia course to my wife Helena. One of the best things I have ever done! Helena drives, maneuvers before mooring and it is now very calm and peaceful on our Coronet”

– Johan

”Today I have taken my Boat Practice certificate!! It is one of the most fun courses I have done in my entire life! I can’t stop smiling!!!! Maria, you are an incredibly professional and fantastic teacher/coach/instructor!”

– Christel, aesthete & photographer at Estethia

“The course in its entirety was absolutely perfect! I learned not to be so afraid of failure and dare to be calm and start over. Many pieces fell into place and I felt for the first time, that I have my own knowledge! Good with the behavioral introduction and powerful learning methodology! ”I think the course has a perfect format for me as a mother. The course was adapted to my needs especially as I had my toddler with me all day, which I felt very comfortable with. One of the goals of the course is to learn how to manoeuvre and navigate while you have your children with you. Unfortunately I think there are many mothers who only sit beside the driver of the boat through out the toddler years, simply as their focus is set to keep track of the children and therefore never get the chance to feel motivated and safe behind the wheel. After this full-day course, I feel ready and eager to take the boat out on my own, with or without passengers.”,

– Karin with toddler

”Easy going, fun and pedagogical course, where I learnt a lot about cooperation – something I will make good use of both in my private life, work life and boat life.”

– Jonas

”I though the course was great! Maria as an instructor was calm and focused and it was good to begin with theory. It feels like I learnt what I needed. A really good course for a good price!”

– Anna

“I learned a new way of looking at ‘new things’ and to eliminate fears, obstacles and prejudices to try new ways to maneuvre. You must not be a specialist or have previous experience in order to be good enough on very many challenges in life. I can also draw parallels to the daily and long-term efforts in pursuing and developing your own business. In a small business, there are many areas that must be developed continuously. This is done by daring to think anew in everything from staff and the organization. True and sustainable development of a business is created based on the individuals.”

– Katri, CountQuest Interactive

”Neptunia’s one-day course is an experience you will remember for a long time! It has a thorough pedagogy where navigation and boat maneuvering is intertwined with methods for personal development. The course gives you a fantastic opportunity to realise your own potential and feel freedom! Perfect and unusual gift for a birthday, bachelorettes’ party, Mother´s Day, Valentine’s Day or a course for the Company Management.”

– Maria, owner & event coordinator at Karelia Entertainment.

”A very good course! Good format with connection to behavioural patterns which makes it extra interesting. Fun mixture! Very good and practical excersises and awsome with Maria´s fantastic patience!”

– Gitte


”The course taught me to dare to try and no harm if it doesn’t work the first time – a knowledge that is useful both in private life, work situations and boat life.”

– Helen

”Fun combintation with personal development and boating. You get both practice and theory which is combined in a stimulating way and it is wonderful to see Stockholm from the waterside – very stimulating! Maria is also a very good, calm and sharp coach/instructor”

– Liisa

“I got the course as a birthday gift from my wife. Fantastically stimulating. Works for men too!”,

– Jan, Docent

Neptunia erbjuder kurser som kombinerar personlig utveckling med manövrering av motorbåtar.

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