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Boat coaching and personal development make your boat life accessible and joyful!

Neptunia offers courses that combine personal development with maneuvering motorboats. We operate throughout the Greater Stockholm area, around Lake Mälaren, and out into the Baltic Sea. We also operate in the Gothenburg area on the Swedish west coast. We come to where you are, where your boat is located, and adjust the training based on your specific needs and desires.

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Neptunia’s clients are both individuals who want to take a more active role in the family boat life, practicing and learning how to navigate and maneuvre a motorboat, and also individuals who want to boost their self-esteem, self-confidence and bring out their full potential. No previous boating experience is necessary. A motor boat is a perfect and effective tool for personal development which plants a memory, both in your muscle- and emotional memory.

The Neptunia model

You cannot achieve courage, motivation and good self-esteem by just reading a good book, attend a seminar or take a class. It needs to be experienced throughout your body and mind, using all your five senses! Only this will create a positive sustainable transformation. In addition, practical continuity is essential, otherwise your newly obtained knowledge disappears quickly. That’s why Neptunia’s courses are experiential and uses learning processes from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Neptunia uses a unique pedagogy that differs from all other marine education. Neptunia’s courses are not intended to give you a stamp in a nautical certification book and a nice binder to put on the shelf – Neptunia’s courses aim to give you a “stamp” into your muscle- and emotional memory, giving you a sustainable and solid foundation for a joyful boat life, private life and work life! This is what is called the “Neptunia model”!

Courses and activities

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Individual coaching in your boat

Practive in your own boat. Adapted and tailor made according to your own needs. Maneuvering and leadership-training based on the Neptunia-model.


Becoming an active boat driver offers so much joy – let Neptunia inspire you to get courage and motivation to start driving! Our lectures focus on how to manage your state of mind in maneuvering situations.

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Examples of course content

Personal Development:

  • Courage and motivation
  • Improve your life quality by understanding and changing your state of mind
  • How to control your mind-set and thinking patterns
  • Mental training – find calm in the storm
  • Identify and develop the resources you need, your own potential and self-esteem


  • Reading the Chart: Set courses, plan excursions and picnics
  • Yielding rules
  • Swedish marine charts, definitions and abbreviations
  • Beacons in Swedish waters
  • Compass and nautical facilities
  • Safety / Liability
  • Environment
  • Wind and weather


  • Maneuvering in harbours and narrow passages, The Karlberg Canal, Pålsundet and Mälaren
  • Docking with buoy, between slipways, moor along bridge and pier
  • Refuelling at the nearest gas station for boats
  • Evasive maneuvre and give-way
  • Waves and surges
  • Reverse in narrow passages
  • Knots

Neptunia’s course boats are 5 to 8 meters in models such as Steering console, Day Cruiser and Walk around.


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Neptunia erbjuder kurser som kombinerar personlig utveckling med manövrering av motorbåtar.

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